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28th January 2014 No Comments
McDonald’s has long been the unchallenged king of the fast food world, but is that stranglehold coming to a close? At least when it comes to the stock market, the answer could be “yes”. As crazy as it sounds, McDonald’s (MCD) has underperformed compared to Wendy’s (WEN) and Burger King (BKW) in the last half
21st January 2014 No Comments
Even with the much-talked about polar vortex and many canceled flights throughout the nation, airline stocks have somehow continued to rise, even being among the top performers of 2014 so far. Delta Air Lines (DAL) had a positive earnings report, telling investors on Tuesday morning that they had eclipsed sales forecasts. Shares of their stock
16th January 2014 No Comments
Best Buy (BBY) had a holiday hangover Thursday as after reporting disappointing sales figures over the holidays, their stock dropped by almost 30%. Now, the drop still leaves the retailer’s stock quite a bit higher than where it started last year, thanks to a huge 237% gain over 2013, but that’s still a precipitous drop
8th January 2014 No Comments
stock bubbleWaiting for the proverbial other shoe to drop is a regular pastime for even the most optimistic of investors. And with most in agreement that the economy still has a way to go in terms of recovery, most also agree that there must be a stock market bubble waiting to burst in the near future.
2nd January 2014 No Comments
Our friends at The Buzz had an interesting article today about whether we can expect Netflix to continue soaring as it did in 2013 during the new year or drop precipitously as a result of the stock being overvalued, as some suspect? As CNN’s Paul LaMonica says, the answer will likely lie somewhere in between.
26th December 2013 No Comments
On Tuesday, the usual holiday-shortened trading session led to a rather tame, but still positive, finish. The Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500 were both able to continue their strong momentum, as they extended their runs. Fueled by good performances in the materials sector, the averages were also bolstered by a strong performance in
22nd December 2013 No Comments
When you look at good news, there will always be some gloom and doom, some naysayers seemingly cultivating bad news out of thin air. Thus is the case today, as many are noticing that the Nasdaq is trading at its highest levels since 2000 and thinking to themselves, “Wait a minute- the last time this
19th December 2013 No Comments
Everybody has their own opinion of whether to trust the rising market we’ve seen over the last year, with many believing that a bubble is about to burst (again) while others think more good times are on the way. Bulls believe that although the best may have already come, that doesn’t mean there aren’t still
26th November 2013 No Comments
Google (GOOG) has continued to rise even as every investor under the sun waits for the “tech bubble” to burst, and has surpassed most others in the sector, including Microsoft (MSFT), which it blew by earlier this year. Now, Google has hit an all-time high as of Tuesday, with its market value sitting currently at
25th November 2013 No Comments
In what had to be an expected result all along if talks with Iran turned out to be favorable, oil prices fell earlier today when Iran agreed to curb its nuclear program, leading to the expectation of more oil exports from the country. Iran struck a deal with six world powers that would, among other
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