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21st November 2013 No Comments
Not only did the Dow Jones Industrial Average slip by 0.4%, closing the day at 15,900.82, but the S&P 500 also dropped by 0.4%, finishing the day at 1,781.37. Much of this was surely do to the fact that the Fed has suggested that due to improving market conditions, the central bank will likely taper
18th November 2013 No Comments
Sometimes when the Dow Jones Industrial Average finishes on a high note, it’s a team effort, and other times, there’s a company that you can single out for spearheading the charge. Last Friday, the Dow Jones finished up by 0.5%, and if you were looking for someone to credit, look no further to Exxon Mobil
14th November 2013 No Comments
Here’s a surprise: before we even hit the much-anticipated holiday shopping season, at least one retailer is already cashing in on a very strong quarterly earnings report. Which one? That would be Macy’s (M), which was able to turn a profit even before the madness of Black Friday and the ensuing shopping season. The retail
13th November 2013 No Comments
While the stock market is all about buying and selling, one of the new kids on the block is more focused on getting college students past those binary modes of consumption and into something a little more progressive. That would be Chegg (CHGG), a textbook rental service that has gained ground as of late but
11th November 2013 No Comments
As news of an unexpected boost in American job growth in October spread, both the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 moved up at the end of last week. Bond yields also increased as murmurs of the Fed tapering its stimulus program next month increased. Who was the big winner in the industry
7th November 2013 No Comments
After the up and down history of Facebook (FB) as a public stock, it’s kind of understandable that investors are more than a little suspicious about the kind of value that Twitter will hold as time goes on. That cynicism took the form of irony as many doubting investors took to Twitter to voice their
30th October 2013 No Comments
All you hear about these days is people “cutting the cable cord” and using on-demand video services to replace their old cable subscriptions. How often is it actually happening, though? If stock values of major cable companies are any indication, perhaps not that often at all. Comcast (CMCSA) is the nation’s biggest cable provider, so
18th October 2013 No Comments
Everyone knows that adaptability is the key to staying relevant in the world of technology, but actually adapting isn’t easy. Take a look at Microsoft- long entrenched in the comfortable, predictable world of PC software and operating systems, their meal ticket has been threatened in recent years as desktop computers have largely been replaced by
11th October 2013 No Comments
No financial event happens in a vacuum, of course, so when rumors persist that lawmakers are getting close to raising the debt limit, stocks will adjust accordingly. In this case, stocks have climbed two days in a row due to the news. An agreement to raise the debt limit would help to avoid a default,
7th October 2013 No Comments
This week, the third quarter earnings season will essentially begin. The fun will start when companies like Alcoa Inc (AA), JP Morgan Chase & Co (JPM), and Wells Fargo & Co (WFC) report quarterly results on Friday. Meanwhile, the market is in disarray following the partial government shutdown, and uncertainty, always present in investing, is
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