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17th July 2013 No Comments
caterpillarGloom and doom talk is nothing new when it comes to stocks. We all know that. But when a top hedge fund investor goes all-in against a major company the way that Jim Chanos has against Caterpillar (CAT), you have to at least lend him an ear and consider what he’s saying. Chanos, the founder
12th July 2013 No Comments
Facebook has had a troubled history after its initial public offering last year, which was followed by a precipitous dive that left the stock down over 40% from its original value just two months after it became available to the public. Since then, Facebook (FB) has been able to bounce back fairly nicely, even climbing
9th July 2013 No Comments
Gold is one of our favorite topics here at Financial Betting, for all of the reasons why people love soap operas. It’s up, it’s down, it can’t decide where it’s going, but there’s always something to talk about. And around it you have gold bears who insist that every day will be the day that
2nd July 2013 No Comments
Noodles & Co. has been on a great run lately, with the casual dining center’s stock rising in a big way, especially last Friday. On Noodles & Co.’s (NDLS) first public trading day, the company’s stock over doubled in price. By today, it’s up another 25%, and it seems like everybody and their proverbial mothers
28th June 2013 No Comments
The problem with investing heavily into the same technology or strategy of a competitor is that if their outlook suffers, investors will start to look at you with a cynical eye, as well. Such is the case with IBM (IBM), which has seen its shares fall sharply today, mostly due to the fact that Accenture’s
26th June 2013 No Comments
Bullish investors can always make excuses for their babies when the market is doing poorly. If a stock’s decline is combined with a drop in the overall market, it doesn’t necessarily mean gloom and doom, and at least the stock is possibly just guilty by association. But when the market is moving up and your
20th June 2013 No Comments
Gold has had more than its share of issues in the last year or two, but the woes haven’t stopped yet. Though there is plenty of debate most of the time when gold slips and everyone is looking for a scapegoat, this time, the reason is pretty clear. The most recent plunge was today, when
19th June 2013 No Comments
Tech stocks often move together, but today that certainly wasn’t the case, as Adobe Systems, Inc. (ADBE) was up 5.6% after a great day that led their stock to $45.78. The jump comes just a day after Adobe, which makes business software, such as the popular Adobe Acrobat software, announced that they were well on
13th June 2013 No Comments
goldThere’s been an absolute tragedy in the market when it comes to gold lately, as prices in 2013 have been bad all year long. Besides a precipitous drop in April, what we’ve seen is a downward trend buoyed by occasional small spikes upward. However, the spikes upward are never enough to eat the losses from
11th June 2013 No Comments
I like to look at big picture trends whenever possible, as even if they aren’t particularly the most useful factor for making purchases, these trends are, if nothing else, really intriguing. Such is the case with a theory being advanced by Paul R. La Monica of CNN’s The Buzz, who has theorized that one thing
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