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5th June 2013 No Comments
Amazon has long been one of the darlings of a rather surly market as one consistent standout in the world of tech stocks. Besides a short-lived drop in May, Amazon (AMZN) has been great in 2013 and is now reaching new highs for the calendar year. One of the reasons that Amazon has started living
4th June 2013 No Comments
dow jones  While larger trends are not exactly the kind of surefire indicators you can use to make specific trades and turn a profit, it still helps to understand the movements of the market as a whole when trading. Therefore, it is curious indeed that the Dow Jones industrial average has performed significantly better on Tuesday
31st May 2013 No Comments
jennifer lawrenceWith the summer blockbusters starting to roll out regularly (did everybody see Iron Man 3 yet?), it seems appropriate that one of the bigger discussion points in the stock market the last day or two has been the continued success of Lions Gate (LGF), a studio that has benefited from box office success of its
28th May 2013 No Comments
It was a tale of two F’s today, as Facebook continued to have hard times in the month of May while Ford cruised to a new 52-week high. Facebook (FB) has dropped a terrible twelve percent total in the month of May, and has now hit its low point for 2013. It has been trending
24th May 2013 No Comments
Streaming music service Pandora (P) has not been able to engender the confidence of the market, despite revealing over 700,000 listeners more than they had a year ago in their quarterly report. Furthermore, by Friday, the stock was up 13% and at a new 52-week high. So, why is the stock popping a bit? Many
21st May 2013 No Comments
The biggest news of today doesn’t directly have to do with the stock market. It has to do with the housing market, which is on the rebound and has given those who are hoping the economy gets its act together a reason for rare optimism. Not only that, but there is an element of this
15th May 2013 No Comments
stocks upIt’s hard to believe that not all that long ago, Netflix looked to be in serious trouble. Their Facebook account was riddled with nonstop complaints from whiny, entitled customers, incensed that they couldn’t have unlimited DVD/Blu-ray rentals and unlimited streaming content for $7.99 a month, and alternatively mad that their selection of streaming content was
13th May 2013 No Comments
stocks 2Investors are starting to jump on Apple stock, motivated by its recent slide, according to many sources, including brokerage firm TD Ameritrade. The firm actually said that “more of its clients own Apple now than ever before”, which has been fueled in part by first-time buyers lured by low prices. Apple (AAPL) has always been
9th May 2013 No Comments
stocksMonster Beverage is facing a monster of its own as lawsuits have led to a steep drop in stock prices lately. Shares of Monster (MNST) have dropped 7% since the company shared a drop in first quarter earnings, as well as poor sales growth thus far in 2013. On Wednesday, Monster said that there were
5th May 2013 No Comments
coinsFor investment analysts, it’s not a matter of if the so-called “bond bubble” will pop- it’s when. Sure, there’s a lot of good news. Junk bond yields are low and it’s definitely a great time to be on the borrowing end of the equation. Lenders are freely giving out low rates, all the while also
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