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30th April 2013 No Comments
global stocksIf you are looking to invest in stocks, you sometimes may want to look beyond Nasdaq, the NYSE, or S&P 500. And in that case, there are some countries who have seen their stock markets really flourish in the past year or so, all of which are worth mentioning here. In an article in CNN’s
29th April 2013 No Comments
stocks 2When J.C. Penney’s former CEO, Ron Johnson, stepped down weeks ago, many people wondered what to make of the changes and tumultuous times the company seemed to be going through. In recent times, though, it’s clear that faith in J.C. Penney is rising, with a growth of 4% in the company’s stock on Monday alone.
26th April 2013 No Comments
financial crisisAn intriguing article in CNN’s finance section explores some scary possibilities while looking at all of the possible factors that could lead to (yet) another financial crisis. Among the possible culprits are the obvious (interest rates, borrowing), the unpredictable (a “flash crash”), and those we can’t do much about (external influences in China, Japan, and
25th April 2013 No Comments
stocksYou can now add Redbox (or more appropriately, its parent company, Coinstar) to the proof that while Blockbuster and other video rental companies are all but dead, video rentals aren’t gone- they’ve just changed. Netflix, even with a lot of bad publicity after they had to raise their prices, then finally split off their streaming
23rd April 2013 No Comments
stocks upDuring rough economic times, luxury items often see a stern dip in sales, and we have definitely seen that over the past few years. While we’re not sure exactly how much it means to the larger economic picture, luxury spending has started to tick upwards, as the earnings reports of companies like Coach can attest
21st April 2013 No Comments
stocks 2Last week, the stock market was not exactly doing great, as investors were hit by the market’s worst performance of the year so far. However, many of those same investors are hoping that earnings reports that are coming in the next week will lead to a resurgence in both specific stocks and the market as
16th April 2013 No Comments
stocksAs we covered last weekend, stocks were up big-time leading into the weekend, but that changed quickly as this week began, once again highlighting the volatility of the economy right now. Monday brought the biggest sell-off of the year of stocks, thanks a number of factors that are still being debated. However, most experts are
13th April 2013 No Comments
gold stocksIt was a mixed week for investors, as the Dow Jones, S&P 500, and Nasdaq each climbed between 2.1 and 2.8%, but gold fell 5% in the process. According to CNN, the Dow Jones shot up by 2.1%, the S&P 500 by 2.3%, and the Nasdaq ascended by 2.8%, presenting strong numbers and encouragement for
26th November 2012 No Comments
Demand of gold droppingIn this year’s third quarter the world gold demand dropped to over eleven percent. Last Thursday, the World Gold Council said that China’s lower consumption and a sharp decline in investors’ appetite for gold bars and coins influenced the drop. In the most recent Gold Demand Trends report, it stated that the demand for gold
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