Beyond the U.S.: the world’s hottest stock markets

30th April 2013 No Comments

global stocksIf you are looking to invest in stocks, you sometimes may want to look beyond Nasdaq, the NYSE, or S&P 500. And in that case, there are some countries who have seen their stock markets really flourish in the past year or so, all of which are worth mentioning here.

In an article in CNN’s investing news section, the top five countries in terms of stock market performance so far this year were detailed. We know you want to know the results, so here’s the skinny:

5. Philippines

The Philippines have seen their stocks rise by 20%, which has allowed the proud nation in Southeast Asia to earn its first investment grade credit rating ever. Just last month, Fitch Ratings gave the country a BBB- rating, citing its stable outlook. Reasons for this stability have included President Benigno Aquino’s smart financial management, which has led to a moderate budget deficit.

4. Kuwait

Kuwait’s offerings are up by 23% to their highest value in three years. The shift is largely thanks to government investment in the country’s infrastructure, paired with strong corporate performance. Some standouts include National Ranges, a shooting range operator that has seen a 20% increase in their shares in 2013.

3. Argentina

Argentina is not just home to beautiful people and great soccer players, but also one of the healthiest stock markets in the world. At least, at first glance.

However, the gains of about 27% this year have been a result of huge losses at the end of 2012, which likely influenced investors to take a chance and get on the wave before it swelled again in the positive direction.

2. United Arab Emirates

The UAE is expecting 4% economic growth this year, and that optimism has also shown in their stock market’s health. Emaar Properties, one of the biggest real estate developers in the entire region, have seen their shares increase by almost 50%, and are leading the way as the real estate business continues to boom in the UAE.

1. Japan

Don’t look now, but Japan is up by 34% as their stock market as stimulus measures from last fall continue to have a positive effect. “Abenomics”, as the aggressive measures have been called (after the country’s prime minister, Shinzo Abe), have been largely praised in Japan and around the world for the time being.

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