Irony reigns as investors tweet Twitter stock criticism

7th November 2013 No Comments

global stocksAfter the up and down history of Facebook (FB) as a public stock, it’s kind of understandable that investors are more than a little suspicious about the kind of value that Twitter will hold as time goes on.

That cynicism took the form of irony as many doubting investors took to Twitter to voice their opinions on it, with many sharing zingers such as that they were receiving tweets not to buy Twitter. (Get it?)

Strangely enough, many of the jokes were being exchanged not on Twitter, but on StockTwits, a copycat service that is focused on financial trading rather than stalking Justin Bieber’s every move or arguing about basketball players and video games. There, users were calling investors that buy Twitter “suckers” and even saying that they “want to see this tank big time.”

Others that want to see Twitter succeed doubt that the brand will be able to monetize its large user base, most of which have never spent a dime on the service. User afernandez321 said, “StockTwits is a form of Twitter. Don’t wish it such bad luck. We like this social network. But will it make money.”

That’s the question.

So far, Twitter (TWTR) is off and running, as it turned its IPO price of $26 a share to a high of $50 per share. Since then, it has settled in at just under $45, but that is still a robust increase from its initial public offering value, so you can probably excuse the optimism from early adopters.

The recent recovery of Facebook has probably also helped Twitter. Sure, they’re apples and oranges when it comes to what they do and how users interact with each, but the optimism that Facebook’s recent performance has engendered has undoubtedly helped Twitter, just as prevailing cynicism would have hurt Twitter as it came onto the market for the first time.

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